Our School

Our Staff


Paul Jamieson Principal Karena Finch and Justine Foster Assistant Principals


Karena Finch Room 7 , Year 1 Gabrielle Vallely Room 6, Year 0/1 Sophie Wynn Room 5, Year 1/2

Cheree Drepaul Room 4, Year 2 Tania Elworthy Room 3, Year 2 Sharee Waite Room 2, Year 2/3

Harry Twinn Room 1, Year 3/4 Anna Oosterkamp Room 12, Year 4/5 Peter Burne Room 11, Year 5/6

Sarah Boyd Room 10, Year 6 John Davidson Room 9, Year 7/8 Justine Foster Room 8, Year 7/8


Sue England Office Manager Kathy Fletcher Teacher Aide/Office Assistant

Casey Lancaster Teacher Aide Daniel Drepaul Teacher Aide Kerry Gooch Teacher Aide / Cleaner

Michelle Gooch Cleaner Peter Robertshaw Caretaker/ Groundsmen Claudia Mason Teacher Aide

Ray Gorin Teacher Aide


Arie Groenveld Team leader Rachel Smith Teacher Simon Pearse Teacher


Chrissy Malcolm BOT Chairperson and Parent Representative

Annabel Kittow Parent Representative

Hayden Martin Parent Representative

Shane Kingston Parent Representative

Pip McCaslin Parent Representative

John Davidson Staff Representative

Sue England Secretary

Paul Jamieson Principal

Our PTA (Whanau and Friends)

Maria Lincoln President

Diane Knight Vice-president

Sharon Cowie Secretary And Treasurer

Our School Day

8:50am Beginning of school day

8:50am First Learning block begins


11:30am Second Learning Block

1:10pm LUNCH

1:50pm Third Learning block

2:55pm End of school day

School Background

(as at March 2020)

As at the start of 2020 Waipawa Primary School has a roll of 268 students. We have seen a huge increase in our numbers over the last 18 months so much so that we now have an enrolment scheme in place.

Currently, students are spread over 11 classrooms and it is anticipated that we will open an 12th classroom midway through the year. Classes are arranged according to numbers of students at particular year levels but most classes have 2 year levels in them, eg Yr 4/5, Yr 5/6.

Waipawa Primary School has a mix of refurbished classrooms and others that will be undergoing transformation in the next two years. In addition to the classrooms and administration block, there is the Central Hawkes Bay Tech Centre which provides most of the Year 7 and 8 students in CHB with technology education. We also have a school hall and our resources are scattered throughout the school to ensure we are maximising quality space for our students. The CHB Resource Teacher of Literacy (RTLiT) is hosted at Waipawa School and we also have 3 RTLB who use Waipawa School as their base when working in the area.

The school grounds are both extensive and aesthetically pleasing. We have a huge grassed area, a sealed court, an astroturf court, a huge playground, sandpit, a bike track and massive oak trees that provide shade and comfort on hot CHB days. We also own a block out the back that is used by the community for gardening. We hope to develop this further in the coming years. Our outside environment is a feature of the school and we hope to improve this even more over the next 5-10 years.

The School Administration block includes school offices, a medical room, staff room, Principal office and offices for teachers and external agencies to work in. In 2018 we invested heavily in technology devices for the classrooms. We use a google platform throughout the school and aim to be an Apple school in the future.

We have done away with teaching teams or HUBs. We all work together and are flexible in our approach to different school events and we work collaboratively across the school in many different forms

Although the Principal has overall responsibility for all areas, the senior leaders and other teachers have delegated responsibilities. There are many important roles within a school and we like to spread the leadership throughout so all teaching staff are contributing and having a chance to progress their leadership skills.

Waipawa School is the only school in Waipawa. Most of the students come from Waipawa but we have children from the surrounding country areas and Waipukurau attend our school. As mentioned earlier we have just adopted an enrolment scheme.

The community has varied expectations of the school. There is a strong indication that parents support the education their children are receiving. You will see in the following pages we have an emphasis on our community and strengthening home/school partnerships so throughout the next 2 years we will be able to better ascertain our future actions for improving this critical component of students learning.

Over the next three years we have an emphasis on 4 key areas or goals– hauora (wellbeing), curriculum, community and growing teachers. The initiatives that sit under these areas or goals will improve the learning outcomes of all students and lead us on the right path to achieve our vision and kaupapa. To help us with the above we have been fortunate to secure two Professional Learning and Development contracts. These focus on Numeracy and Digital Technologies.

In addition to our curriculum Waipawa Primary School participates in the CHB schools sports competitions and occasionally Hastings or Hawkes Bay competitions. Waipawa children participate in a wide variety of sports and we have fantastic support from parents that enables us to do this. Waipawa Primary School is also represented in the performing arts. We have dance groups who compete regionally and nationally, a kapa haka extension group as well as kapa haka throughout the school (via our house competition), music, school bands and music lessons being providing onsite by an outside agency. With our development of the our school curriculum and particularly our conceptual themes we know that the Arts curriculum will become more of a feature in the classroom programme.

We have a number of ways in which to communicate with our parents and community. We produce a weekly newsletter and we also have a School app, a school Facebook page and all classes use the learning tool Seesaw to keep parents up to date with what is happening specifically in their classrooms. In 2020 we will be introducing another app - HERO. This will be the platform we use to report to parents and it will eventually replace the school app and Facebook. A quick view of the term calendar highlights all that is being offered for the students from school camps to sporting events to reporting timelines so parents are kept well informed of what is coming up.

2018 was a big year of change for Waipawa Primary School. A new Principal was appointed and there has been a positive turnover in staff since then. The Principal, with the BOT, staff, children and parents developed a new strategic plan that will provide a clear and realistic direction forward for the next 3 years. Our school roll has increased a lot throughout the last two years and we continue to develop a Waipawa Curriculum and make changes to many facets of how the school operates. In 2020 we will look to make refinements and further changes to ensure our learners are getting the best education and experiences possible and that all involved in Waipawa School are living the vision of being – Active in learning, Active in Life.